A friend of mine, no not the one which got me hooked up on Jazz, bought me as birthday present a ticket for the Mehliana concert at moods. I was quite excited as I had seen Mehldau playing with Kevin Hays earlier in the year. They had two grand pianos on the stage facing each other and put on a great performance.

As I had not investigated much about what Mehliana was all about, I had no idea what to expect, except probably Mehldau playing the piano. Which he did, there was also a grand piano he used, but even more so he played the three synthesizer he had built around the piano.

And there was this incredible drummer, Mark Guiliana, driving the performance. The speed and accuracy with which he played were amazing! Sometimes I felt being rather at a heavy metal concert than in a Jazz club, so much energy and drive was in the show of the two.

Some people left the concert quite early, they probably had not expected this, but I had a great time. Mehldau has not the stage presence like a Robbie Williams, he is clearly best when he is playing, but then Robbie is most likely some notches below Mehldau on the piano.

If you have a chance to see these two amazing artists, I can only recommend strongly to get tickets. Please have a look at the video I posted in the “links & videos” section.


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