IMG_0197To know enough about Jazz to really enjoy a dinner conversation with another enthusiast (assuming food and wine are very good). To have those “dinner conversations” about Jazz via the web (BYOW!).

These are the two aims I have and which have provoked me to start this blog. Here, I document my journey through the world of Jazz and here hopefully we will have conversations about this fascinating music genre.

While having been listening to Jazz for years, my focus had been mainly on contemporary music, driven by record reviews in music magazines as well as concerts. But then, I picked up a book called “Talking Jazz” from the German Trumpet player Till Brönner in my local library. In the book, Brönner talks a lot about his influences and it showed me that I had so far almost completely ignored the history of Jazz and its great artists from the past. The next book I got from the library was then about the early years of Jazz music.

While reading and learning about Jazz is very interesting, listening to the music is still the most important thing. So my promise to myself (this can’t just be fun at the end, can it?) is to listen always to Jazz music when writing blog posts. And hopefully my record collection will grow with the travels made.

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  1. jazz inspired me to write. well lets put it into context, i began reading Kerouac’s ‘on the road’ that got me into be-bop, then Miles, Coltrane and on it goes, in fact i love listening to jazz while trying to hammer out some words that give my work meaning…cheers

      1. I agree! My favorite album to write to is Keith Jarrett’s Koln Concert. It lets ideas flow easily with out being distracted by the music, yet inspired by the beauty that is happening at the same time.

  2. I always listen to jazz when I write. I find it lends an improvisational quality to my poetry. I write a lot of jazz poetry, too, and it definitely helps with that. Looking forward to reading your posts about jazz!

  3. I hope you don’t mind me taking your comment as a quote for this year’s Shrine of Jazz and Heritage, a small display in front of my house with music I started putting up the year Bon Jovi came to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and some crazed fan created a Shine of Bon Jovi just around the corner. I live on Fortin Street, which only the oldest cab drivers and cops know by name, the one everyone walks down to get into the Sauvage Street Gate of Jazz Fest, just a stones throw from the Blues Tent. I think your comment on just about sums it up, and helped inspire this year’s theme, attributing “jazztraveler”.

    I’ll send you a pic. It ain’t much. A small shelf. A few pictures and a title plate. A candle and some joss sticks for those who know what to do with them.

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